What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), or tapping, can seem a little alternative or ‘out there’ when you first hear about it, however when you explore its roots and the science behind it, it becomes more understandable. Its origins, believe it or not, are embedded in the ancient Chinese theory that there is a constant exchange of energy between the brain and the body. This energy, or ‘chi’ as it is often referred to, reflects our mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. There are several meridian points just under the skin that can be manipulated in order to tap into the flow of energy. The Chinese have been using acupuncture to do this for centuries, treating most illnesses with a great deal of success, leading acupuncture to become widely accepted in many cultures. EFT is a non-invasive version of this, using the fingers to tap on the meridian points rather than needles.

An EFT session will consist of identifying the issue that you want to focus on, rating its intensity, creating a phrase that reminds you of this issue then repeating a shortened version of the phrase as you tap on the meridian points. There are also TFT (Thought Field Therapy, EFT’s predecessor) algorithms which allow you to quickly focus on one problem area, and EFT Energy, an update of classic EFT which concentrates on the movement from negative beliefs to positive ones.

I have had many successes with EFT/TFT/EFT Energy including using the anxiety algorithm during exams, using EFT for empowering and decision-making, with issues of low self-worth, catastrophising and pain relief. Most clients feel a strong sense of peace and relaxation after a session, and many go on to tap every day.

Although EFT is still not considered mainstream, more and more research is showing it to be effective for anxiety and depression, PTSD, OCD, pain management and more. Videos showing tapping are popping up more often, especially about tapping for children in order to reduce anxiety.

I can incorporate EFT into general counselling sessions, or you can book specific sessions where we can just focus on EFT.